Started in 2005 out of the Seattle bluegrass jam scene, Dysfunction Junction is some of Seattle's finest bluegrass musicians coming together with the sole intent of having a good time while creating fantastic music.

Upcoming Shows:

Fri Aug 14th 7:30-8:30pm at Populuxe Brewing Co. 846 NW 49th (Will be rescheduled due to rain)

Sun Aug 16th 4-9pm - Shay/Tier wedding at Roche Harbor (private event)

Sat Aug 29th 4-6pm - Scott Leilur 50th B'day party on Bainbridge Island (private event)

Sat Sep 5th 7-10pm - Collier/Stine wedding at Treehouse Point, Issaquah (private event)

Sat Sep 12th 7-9pm - Jeff Northcutt 40th B'day Party in Redmond (private event

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